Honest review 馃槱
Curly 3C, Kinky 4A
Honest review 馃槱
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Curly 3C
Kinky 4A
So I have seen this product out for a while and was excited to try it because of the aloe. I was excited because I find as a natural it鈥檚 hard to find a shampoo that doesn鈥檛 strip your hair. Well, I honestly I was shocked that as soon as I started massaging this product in that it started stripping my hair. It made my hair squeaky clean and I don鈥檛 like that. It washed everything out. I felt my hair being stripped before I washed it completely out. I looked at reviews too before I purchased this and heard great things but this was not my experience. I definitely won鈥檛 be repurchasing this product again and all I can say is thank God for good conditioner and deep conditioner. Lol
jdawg97 Awww I鈥檓 sorry that happened and that you didn鈥檛 like it! Yeah it is stripping I use it as a clarifying shampoo once a month. Recently I used it to clarify and then did a protein treatment after and the deep conditioned and that worked for my hair, but mines is high porosity. Sorry it didn鈥檛 work!
jdawg97 I think it鈥檚 the Potassium hydroxide that鈥檚 the stripping agent
sonaturallygwen Thanks for the review! I was curious about this product too!
Caramelcurly @sonaturallygwen you鈥檙e welcome 馃グ Girl, I was curious too and couldn鈥檛 wait but you know 馃槒馃槀 It鈥檚 all good.
Caramelcurly @jdawg97 Thanks:) I will probably just not use it every week but like every other week. Silk elements had a bomb clarifying shampoo but they discontinued it 馃槱馃槙
jdawg97 @Caramelcurly aww I hate when stuff gets discontinued 馃槴
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