Natural Hair Confession 馃檴馃檲
Kinky 4A, Curly 3C
Natural Hair Confession 馃檴馃檲
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Kinky 4A
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I Have A Confession I Have Way Too Many Hair Products I Have A Serious Problem Some People Are Addicted To Crack.... Well..Im A Product Junkie...I Havent Yet Tried Some Of These Products In My Collection (F A Stash My A** Got A Whole Collection 馃槀) As Well I Even Have Products That I Dont Like In My Collection Still But In My Head I Still Need To Keep It When I Know D*** Well Someone Else In My Family Can Use It And Every Since I Started Buying My Hair Products From TJ Maxx And Marshalls It Has Gotten Worst And Please Dont Let It Be A Sale Because Im Going To Use That As An Excuse To Buy More Products I Will Literary Got To The Store And Need JUST A Leave In Conditioner But Leave With 10 Products I Am Slowly Going Back To YouTube To Do Natural Hair Content So I Feel The Need To Buy Products That Catch My Attention Knowing D*** Well I Have Products Already At The House That I Need To Try And Use Up First Eventually I Will Go Through It My Hair Products And Donate The Products I Wont Be Keeping To A Shelter 馃グ
I Have Plenty But This Is One I Wanted To Share 馃挀 Feel Free To Comment Yours 鉂わ笍
mya_rose I might seem so in love with natural hair, but I鈥檓 still trying to learn to truly embrace it myself. That鈥檚 why I try to post encouragement since it feels good on my and lifts my sprit up just like it does to others.
cr.chels Girl I鈥檓 in the SAME BOAT! I鈥檝e just gotten hip to the natural hair trend and have been buying literally every creme of nature product! I鈥檝e been watching a lot of YouTube videos so you can imagine I wanna but every product that has a good review lol
jdawg97 I hate the LOC and LCO method, controversial I know, but every time I try to style with oil my hair doesn鈥檛 look defined and ends up frizzy, dry, and matted. And it doesn鈥檛 matter what type of oil I鈥檝e tried them all. I mainly use oils as prepoos and for twist outs that鈥檚 it. I just use leave-in, curl cream (recent addition) and gel for wash and goes. That鈥檚 it.馃槬馃槄
JB @jdawg97 its nothing wrong with that and you shouldn鈥檛 get bashed for that everyone hair is different you basically do what a lot of other naturals do but minus the oil 馃槉
JB @mya_rose i love that鉂o笍馃ズ馃
jdawg97 @JB thank you so much for being understanding! 馃槉
nyuma1213 hi y'all my hair is so strip after using cantu cleansing shampoo what do I do
JB @jdawg97 you鈥檙e welcome 馃槆
JB @nyuma1213 i will say stop using it i hate their shampoo 馃槵馃ゴ find a shampoo that doesn鈥檛 strip your hair but gets it clean 馃挀
nyuma1213 thank you so much b do you have any shampoo suggestions
nyuma1213 I mean jb you are the queen of natural hair question
jdawg97 @nyuma1213 to help with the stripped feeling on your hair I would use a moisturizing deep conditioner, if it鈥檚 so stripped you see some breakage maybe a protein treatment or strengthening mask and follow it up with a moisturizing either deep conditioner or leave in. But I also don鈥檛 typically use Cantu products I don鈥檛 like their ingredients all the time. I recommend As I Am and Mielle shampoos
JB @nyuma1213 my favorite shampoo still at the moment is true by made beautiful moisturizing shampoo also im sure what @jdawg97 recommend is good as well 馃グ
mya_rose @JB Thanks
nyuma1213 thanks to jdawg and jb
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