Confidence/Self-Love Discussion 馃挒
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Confidence/Self-Love Discussion 馃挒
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Hey guys! First off I want to apologize for posting so much lately lol, but I鈥檝e been posting so many pictures lately because honestly this is the best I鈥檝e felt about myself in a LONG time. Since 2016, I made it a goal of mine to start showing more love to myself and appreciating myself (this is also why I decided to cut my hair in 2017) and just to overall be a more positive person. In middle school and high school I was extremely insecure about how I looked so making that a goal was necessary. Since I made that goal I can honestly say I鈥檝e come a long way with that self love and just realizing my worth, but I do have my days where I feel like I鈥檓 not good enough or pretty enough. These past couple of months have been very rough for me with personal issues, and every other day I just felt like I鈥檓 not good enough for anyone and all that stupid stuff.. so I randomly decided to dye my hair as you guys know, just to switch it up a bit. I鈥檓 not sure why but dying my hair gave me the biggest boost of confidence and I REALLY needed that. My skin has also been clearing up and that鈥檚 a double win for me because I can not stand breaking out lol. Last week and this week I鈥檝e just had this positive mindset (I actually always do) and idk it just feels good to feel genuinely happy and to feel good in your own skin. For anyone that ever feels like how I sometimes do, I hope you know you鈥檙e beautiful and you鈥檙e more than enough and just keep thinking positive, and the things that may hurt now are only temporary. 馃挍馃尰馃尀
Without filter.
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With filter from camera.
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black_and_blessed You are gorgeous babygirl - without filter! I鈥檝e been on my own journey as well and it鈥檚 the most FREEING feeling ever. Continue to let that inner beauty shine so it illuminates on the outside. God don鈥檛 make mistakes. And you are one of his flowers 馃挄
Tyreshia鉂わ笍馃グ You don鈥檛 have to apologize do what works for you and the color looks good on you . Stay focused and keep your head up.
Tyreshia鉂わ笍馃グ You are beautiful we all have insecurities you not alone alright
curlyzari @Tyreshia11鉂o笍 thank you 馃尫
curlyzari @black_and_blessed thank you so much 馃挅
Vkenn Gorgeous!! Love this post 鉂わ笍
curlyzari @Vkenn 馃挄
torixrenee Beautiful! You come to a certain peace in life when you have true self happiness and self worth! It feels amazing to love yourself for who you are. You go girl!
Caramelcurly You鈥檙e are beautiful and your hair is too. 馃挏馃挄
just_kirsten03 Lol don鈥檛 apologize and YOURE SO BEAUTIFUL!
eshia1984 No need to apologize hun that's what this app is for so happy to see all my wonderful natural beauties happy and living at there best.
curlybug12 Apologize for what? Sometimes what we think is a setback is a set up for a comeback. Get your shine on gorgeous. All these positive things happening to you is your glow up in the works. You are beautifully made. Be you baby girl. xoxox 馃馃馃馃
jojo.zean34 No you need to apologize for how juicy those curls look 馃槏馃槏馃槏馃憦馃従馃憦馃従馃憦馃従
torixrenee @curlybug12 well said
curlyzari You all are incredibly amazing. I love that there are actually people out here that are so uplifting and positive. I appreciate all of you for your kind words 馃挄馃尀
curlybug12 @torixrenee thank you! We have to uplift each other cuz everybody else trying to tear us down. We all we have.
marielanny Sometimes I do feel that way especially I see I have a lot of breaking out all over my face lately which making me having some bad down day but I m trying to stay motivated and think positive but overall I realize Insecurities is a part of life and i just need to deal with it the best way I can
marielanny What are you doing to clear up your face it鈥檚 look really nice ?
curlyzari @marielanny thank you so much 馃挄 and I understand exactly what you mean. I used to let my insecurities eat me alive but I鈥檝e really learned to accept my flaws. I鈥檝e also tried coming to terms with acne because that鈥檚 the easiest way for me to feel insecure, however I always try and remind myself everyone gets acne and it鈥檚 natural and that doesn鈥檛 define who I am as a person.
curlyzari @marielanny I鈥檝e learned that just being positive consistently and taking care of yourself just really helps in feeling good about yourself. There are days where we鈥檒l feel insecure but we can鈥檛 let it take over completely you know? But just know that you are BEAUTIFUL.
curlyzari @marielanny and I also have been in this medication called Accutane prescribed from my dermatologist and I only wash my face with neutrogena ultra gentle face wash and moisturize with a moisturizer that has sunscreen in it during the day and just a normal moisturizer at night. There are definitely other medications/options you can try before Accutane though
curlyzari @marielanny because Accutane is really like for last resort after having tried basically everything. I hoped this helped and I apologize for the multiple replies! Guess there鈥檚 a word limit on here
marielanny @curlyzari thanks a lot I will definitely try the accutane since I try the neutrogena i didn鈥檛 help me at all
yellow gurl 鉂わ笍
MelanieD_Hall So Beautiful Zari! Self Love makes you Glow!
curlyzari @MelanieD_Hall thank you 馃挆
ricanfrobeauty You are absolutely beautiful馃彽Keep it up hun
curlyzari @ricanfrobeauty thank you love 馃挆
ddw1005 Awww preach girl! T煤 eres muy bonita
curlyzari @ddw1005 thank you 馃挆馃尮
moriam I really love this post. I鈥檓 still having issues accepting myself.. and I feel at my age I shouldn鈥檛 but oh well. I am so glad you鈥檙e happy 馃槉馃挄 you鈥檙e beautiful and have gorgeous hair. I hope I can be one day too
curlyzari @moriam thank you 馃挄 and likewise beautiful, I get it鈥檚 hard accepting yourself but I know one day you鈥檒l achieve it. You are beautiful just the way you are 馃挐
afrobeauty this is the truth!
krazykurlyky You are beautiful 馃ズ馃槏 and an inspiration! I definitely felt that. I am still on the path to loving myself. I can鈥檛 even take pictures without filters yet馃槀馃槀
vwitdabighair I鈥檓 a 32 year old woman and I find myself having those insecurities also. The world is a cruel place and society鈥檚 standards of beauty is not for us! I love that you鈥檙e being transparent and is working on yourself daily! You鈥檝e encouraged me to stay push through my insecurities abs be more positive! You鈥檙e beautiful
CurlyMya You are beautiful just the way you are. No filters needed.
aalifro Omg so cute. I felt this a lot. Cutting my hair (even though it鈥檚 uneven) gave me a confidence boost
aalifro @vwitdabighair yeah I get that but I think we should make our own tbh. I had that harsh realization that the western beauty standard will always be praised but it doesn鈥檛 take away from my beauty鉂わ笍
kiki5 You鈥檙e beautiful just the way God created you鉂わ笍馃檶馃従馃グ.
moodiee PRETTY !!
briyanna As you should! 馃憦馃従. You are very beautiful & your confidence is what makes you glow. We all have our rough times & I hope you still continue to remind yourself of this. 馃挄
tanyia That鈥檚 where it starts with you. The more love you give to yourself the more love you鈥檒l receive. Everyone is beautiful
tiffabelle You are beautiful! You are the Lord鈥檚 artwork. It can be a struggle for all of us- especially if someone treats us badly. I love that you are being proactive and encouraging others with this post. I think the enemy tries to make us doubt ourselves because then we doubt what God can do through us. But we remember how precious we are to Him that He sent His son Jesus on a rescue mission for us.
mossgirl Hello everyone 馃 It鈥檚 good to see soo many beautiful women in the world 馃寧
deannah772 youre so pretty can we please trade
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