Roll call
Kinky 4A, Kinky 4B, Kinky 4C
Roll call
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Kinky 4A
Kinky 4B
Kinky 4C
#All Hair Is Good Hair
USA - East Coast
Roll call🗣🗣🛎 ..... My name is Asia and I’m from Brooklyn NY ! I want to get to knw you guys better and see if I can find curl friends in my area ! Comment ya home town and an emoji that the city is known for ex ( New York =🍎) get it ? Lol well I’m bored let’s see if we can entertain each other by breaking ice!! Comment where you guys are from and the emoji to match ya city 🌃
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alissa18 I’m originally from New Jersey 🌳 but stay in Georgia 🍑
asiadupre @alissa18 do you lik it better than nj? I’ve been there like once for a family Reunion I wanna go bac
quiascoils MarQuia! (Mar-key-uh) - I live in Virginia Beach 🏖
lovergirlkyi Kyi (: I live in Texas 🇨🇱
asiadupre @quiascoils hey girl hey how’s the weather!?
ebaby Bronx Ny
NiReign Florida!!🌞🍊
amayiahc I’m from Texas👢
afrotica My name is Ebony and I’m from Michigan....Michigan sucks and there’s nothing special about it so imma just put a trash can🚮
gennyfro @ebaby same 👋🏻
gennyfro Genesis from South Bronx NY 🚇
ebaby @gennyfro Ayyy!! that's cool😀
ru316 Kansas 🌻
asiadupre @afrotica lmaooo damn 😂😩😩
asiadupre @gennyfro @ebaby the BX is so deep 😩
asiadupre @aniabme04 sunshine state lol
asiadupre @lovergirlkyi are things really bigger there ? Lol
asiadupre @ru316 “there’s no place lik home “👠👠
gennyfro @ebaby lol yeah
christielove1986 Hey All! I'm from the Natural State - Arkansas
naturalyet I’m from California 🏖🔥
trinikinks Jersey 💐
meccaamebane7 I’m mecca from Pittsburgh💛🖤 but I was raised in Nashville & Georgia
condie I’m Condie from London 💂🏻‍♂️
kansasstate9 Texas🏇🌵
Tyreshia❤️🥰 Tyreshia from Georgia 🍑
asiadupre @condie that’s so cool
asiadupre @trinikinks your close
asiadupre @Tyreshia11❣️ hey girl hey
Tyreshia❤️🥰 @asiadupre : hey
Tyreshia❤️🥰 Even tho it’s a lot of people on here from different areas which is very cool because everybody is different
jojo123867 Rhode Island 🌊
naturallyme316 Hey I’m Michele and I live Maryland 🦀
asiadupre @Tyreshia11❣️ yup and so are our hair types
curlybug12 Angie H-Town Texas🤟🏽
curlybug12 @afrotica awww lol They got you boo!!! So it’s all good.
curlyzari My name is Zaria! 😁 born and raised in Florida 🍊 buuuut now live in Georgia 🍑
missbri712 Bri and I’m originally from Baltimore MD 🦀 but in York PA🇺🇸 now!
alissa18 @asiadupre meh it’s alright. It’s definitely cheaper then jersey but you definitely need your own transportation here
ms_sade1116 Bronx NY
pajón🇩🇴🔥 Queens NYC 🗽🗽🗽🗽🗽🗽🗽🗽
blonde.diamonddd Diamond, North Carolinaaaa💛
marybeeee🐝🌺 Brooklyn baby!! Lol, we need a timbs emoji😂🍎🗽
chlokellane 757 Virginia
asiadupre @maryb1372 lmaooo yass
4bbaby Florida🍊
carsonnluv I’m Carson I’m born and raised in the bay 🌉
talmo12 New Jersey 🍃🌼
fauna Uk North Yorkshire( tea☕️) 😂🤣😂
tynettacurly Michigan
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