Hair Growth Series Part Three:
Curly 3B, Curly 3C
Hair Growth Series Part Three:
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Curly 3B
Curly 3C
Hair Goal
I didn’t want to keep you guys waiting, so I’m back again with the hair growth series. This is part three. If you haven’t seen part one and to make sure to check them out as well. Today’s topic is........
Topic Number Three: Diet
I’m sure that you already know that diet has to do with hair growth and everything else that happens to your body. People often recommend to take hair growth vitamins, which may work for you. In my eyes if you eat what would be in that vitamin you are a okay. Biotin is a common vitamin to promote hair growth. Lots of foods have biotin, yet most of them are animals. Since I’m a vegan that doesn’t benefit me. I found out that lots of fruits, vegetables, nuts, and grains all have biotin. I try to eat at least one thing that has biotin in it a day. Which works very well for me. If you are struggling to grow your hair, try eating a more balanced diet. Your body and hair will thank you in the long run. Overall, cleaning up your plate a bit with more healthier options can help with hair growth. Protein and potassium help the hair grow as well which can be found in the foods listed earlier.
This was a pretty short post today. Since there’s not much more that eat healthy and your hair will grow. Let me know in the comments what you eat to promote hair growth. Make sure to follow me. Stay Curly, -Mya
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mya_rose @sonaturallygwen Some people don’t think about how much food can affect their hair.
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