What's your hair length goal?
Kinky 4A, Curly 3C
What's your hair length goal?
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Kinky 4A
Curly 3C
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My goal is waist length
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naturallyme316 My goal is bra strap length when curly.
Hairsothick Arm pit length so i can wear my fro and look like a lion 😂🦁 with crazy big hair 😍
nikki198632 Waist ! I love big hair so when I do wear it curly it will be everywhere 😬😂
torixrenee Waist length for me too!
alissa18 Bra strap
shayian @naturallyme316 I would be happy with that
shayian @cday07 lol
shayian @torixrenee 😊
lt Maybe a little shorter than arm pit length. Long enough to have a lot of versatility, but short enough that I don’t get hot 😅😂
sheridanc My goal is waist or hip length! I just LOVE long hair!
ahnilla to my feet 😝
afrotica Waist length when I straighten it. I’m low key about 6 inches away from it.
blackisbold90 SL
shayian @afrotica nice
diamondprincess4life waist length. love big hair
trinikinks BSL
jojo.zean34 Rn I’m trying to get it to my boobs I’m about two inches away
ameak SL or APL
kinky_fro ultimate goal is bsl. but ill settle for unstretched shrinkage that falls on my shoulders. 😂
curlybug12 Short term goal shoulder length. Long term: booty length
torentine BSL curly at least
rachelw24 Bra strap length when curly for me
myisha bra strap length when curly and waist length when stretched !
lovelyjina Maybe shoulder and longer when curly but bra strap and longer when stretched or straightened
amber88 wasitlenght!... i just reached brastrap length and it took me 3 1/2 years
lhck My goal is ankle length.
lhck @ahnilla same!
LostLove Shoulder length
curlynyny I wanna try to get to shoulder or armpit bc i just chopped off the rest of my relaxer so my hair is at neck length
nkb My goal is bra strap. That ponytail gon be looking nice
shontem Waist length 🤩🤩
yinnesy my lenght is arm pit but I need more
niyahshea Mine is bra strap length now when it’s straight but I want it that length when it’s curly 😩
curlyzari Arm pit length WITH shrinkage!!!
nco Waist length
zarakinks shoulder lenght w shrinkage
malaysiaairlines armpit
simplee_hannahh_ hip length straight 😭 waist length curly
justanothernatural As long as my genetics will allow! Currently near mid back length when straightened. Not sure if my hair is destined to be longer than that! Mu kinky hair shrinks to my neck so no way I'd ever have kinky hair down my back.
jamaicangirl Bra strap
sonyah11 My goal is armpit length in its curly state. But wouldn’t mind bra strap or waist length 😁.
ashley copeland Bra strap
marielove001 I want waist length , I like big and long curls ❤️❤️
kinky_head_missy Just did my second big chop kinda feeling the short hair.
nigeriasimone armpit length 💜
quiascoils APL while curly! 🤗🤞🏾
JasmineTaNesha88 APL
curlycoilycris88 apl
naturalyet thinking realistically bsl, in my imagination waist length 😂
ebonythegr3at I'm dreaming big and shooting for waisted length (I'm about APL now straight)
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