Oil mix for scalp massages (to promote hair growth) 💆🏾‍♀️
Kinky 4A, Curly 3C
Oil mix for scalp massages (to promote hair growth) 💆🏾‍♀️
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Kinky 4A
Curly 3C
Kinky Curly
*theres no such thing as anything that makes ur hair grow your hair is growing your ends just break off by bad habits you do to your hair now something can help retain length of your hair like things u do or use on ur hair*
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So im just showing you how i make my mix oil to use for my scalp massages Things you will need & ingredients👇🏾
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Applicator bottle
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Olive oil (any brand)
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Jamaican black castor oil (any brand)
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Vitamin E oil or grape seed oil (any brand)
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Aloe vera gel (any brand (or plant) *yes this says its after sun gel but the first two ingredients are water and aloe vera* 👌🏾
Directions 👇🏾 1. Pour jamaican black castor oil to the 1 oz line
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2. Then your olive oil to the 3 oz line (if u have enough unlike i did 🤷🏾‍♀️)
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*This is optional u don’t have to do this but if u need to even it out* 3. Use aloe vera gel to the 3 oz line
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*I didn’t have vitamin e oil so i used my grapeseed oil because its said its rich in vitamin e 🤷🏾‍♀️* 4. Pour grapeseed oil to the 4 oz line then shake it all up until it’s mixed all together
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And you’re finished u can use this for scalp massages, to add to ur deep conditioners, hot oil treatments, ur o in the loc metod, and pre poo and u can use any oils like coconut, sunflower seed, jojoba, and amla oil ive been doing this for the past two years and ill say it definitely helped and it feels good
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zen love Wow, thanks !! Can’t wait to try this!!
jojo.zean34 I do a hot oil treatment Every wash day and it has done wonders
darkbrownbae @zen love no problem 🌻
darkbrownbae @jojo.zean34 yes it does but i like making my own just for fun 🌻
Au_Napturel INCHES 💕 thanks so much for this!
darkbrownbae @Au_Napturel no problem 🌻💞
cassie<3 Wow I didn’t know you could use the aloe Vera gel in your hair... does it help your hair?
darkbrownbae @cassie<3 yes 😊 good benefits if u use the plant but u have to preserve it
_MsDanielle I’m going to try this on myself and 1 year old daughter.
darkbrownbae @_MsDanielle hopefully it works out for u guys
ShannelVsChanel I use this mix already except for aloe vera gel so I’m gonna add that and see how it goes ran out of black Castor oil so now its avocado 🥑 oil and grapeseed 🍇 oil and ill add the aloe vera gel to see how it goes ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
jazzyjvc Thanks for sharing!👍🏽
ttaitano Wow i would try to do this in weekend
afrobeauty https://bit.ly/33q6Jtk
chicagogyrl I’m definitely going to try this.
aalifro Thanks I’m gonna try one day but I’m a college student on a budget rip
fauna2 i do this as a hot oil treatment but i also put avocado oil its great
genia1 I moisturize my hair 2-3 times a week this for my scalp at least once a week since 2018 and it really helps keep my hair moisturized.
digitalempress Gonna try this out. I an aloe version like yours but for my skin and was wondering if anyone used it in their hair. I usually buy the plant and use it as a leave-in
jkfrofro Can’t wait to try it boo
ziapapi I needed this post in my life
sashail I use the same thing!!!but instead of vitamin e I use tea tree oil
deja b. I live by this!!!
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